The Village of West Woodstock has had a library for over 200 years!

Originally founded in 1806 with a mission to provide books for public use, promote an interest in literature, and to serve as a place to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas, the West Woodstock Library continues that mission to this day.

The Little Red Building

During the 1930s and 1940s, the Williams Law Office housed the books of the library, but in the 1950s the library relocated to a somewhat larger building at its present location. In 2009 the library was expanded and the Williams Law Office was moved across the road and connected to the current library. That’s the little red building you see at the front of the library!

Who runs the library?

The West Woodstock Library Association was established in 1930 as a non-profit organization to oversee the operation of the library. Members of the community, like you, can join the board and help run the library!